Calender of activities for current session



April 15
  • Planning for the maintenance and construction of infrastructure
  • Liasioning with CPWD & MES for construction of additional rooms & cementing of playground& cycle stand
  • Ramp construction
  • Development of basis sports infrastructure
  • Planning & publication of school magazine
  • Implementation of school improvement plan-Life skill education at all levels – Pre interactive sessions with teachers and students
  • Supervision of teaching by Principal/VP/HM-using TLM(Teaching learning material)
  • Supervision of cleanliness , toilets, Drinking water system, Lab, Library, Field activity
  • Submission of ACRs
  • Start of new academic session
  • Admission of first cycle as per KVS guidelines.
  • Conduct of CMP Meeting at cluster level
  • Supervision of morning assembly, attending to parents,  visitors, problem of staff and stakeholder
  • ICT report & directories of Principals & Chairman, MIS report, PIS report, Vacancy position, Enrollment position, D.O. letter to be sent regularly from April 2010-March 2011
  • Updating of website
  • Conduct of faculty meeting by giving specific agenda
  • Checking of teacher’s diary on 5th of every month
  • Distribution of split and syllabus
  • Coordination among different teachers to cover the syllabus
  • Formative Assessment (CCE) of students by using different techniques and methods
  • Conduction of supplementary test
  • Planning of assigning C.W./H.W. ( 8 per month)


  • Preparation of budget for the session 2013-2014 SF and VVN.
  •  Requisition of item required for the different departments
  • Checking of cash book daily in every month SF and VVN
  • Regular maintenance of ledgers of SF and VVN, CS-54
  • Reply to audit paras
  • Disbursement of salary(Every month)
  • Reply to imp. Monthly statements GPF,CPF & other correspondence
  • Disbursement of salary to contractual teachers
  • Fund flow from April 15 to March 16
  • Allocation of Houses to students
  • Earth day celebration
  • Celebration of Good Friday, Baisakhi , Ambedkar Jayanti
  • CMP Activities at primary level.
  • Preparation for Annual Day Celebration
  • Ramanujan Club activities
  • Maths Olympiad.
  • Sports/ Games activities at Vidyalaya level.
  • Information about Scout/ Guide Activities & motivation
  • Information about Exhibitions/ Olympiads.
  • Information about various Clubs for CCE ( DNA Club, Heritage Club, YCE, Integrity Club, Peace Clubs, Ramanujan Club, Lingstice society, Dramatics Society etc.)
  • Encouraging teachers for innovative & experimental studies
  • Workshop on ABCDE

Academics, building, cleanliness, discipline and evaluation

May 15 – June 15
  • Maintenance of building & equipment
  • Repair and construction work
  • Beautification of campus
  • Reply of all important correspondence received from regional office
  • Analysis of CBSE result
  • Admission of class XI
  • Registration for admissions of second phase
  • Assigning sufficient H.W. to make student creative along with academics/Projects
  • Checking of H.W./Projects of students
  • Expenditure as per requirement
  • Requirement from different departments to purchase articles


  • Any important Activity as per instruction of KVS.
  • Board Decoration competition.
  • CMP Activities ( Cont.)
  • Information about world Environment Day.
Encouraging Students for investigatory & Creative home work
July 15  

Supply and maintenance of
Audio-Visual equipments
Labs and sports equipment
Equipments for music, crafts.
PA System
Supervision of class room teaching by Principal/V.P./H.M. (Cont.)
School improvement plan (cont.) workshops with teachers & students
Evaluation of H.W. /C.W. & assignment by Principal/VP/HM
Distribution of vidyalaya Patrika
Compliance of instructions & guidelines from KVS(HQ) /RO authorities


  • Formative assessment cont.
  • Supervision of notebooks of students
  • Motivating students to participate in different Olympiad & academic activities


  • Invitation of quotations for purchasing of various articles
  • Invitation of tenders for private works(gardening, security & cleaniness)
  • Selection of Task Force.
  • Investiture ceremony of prefects.
  • Vanmahotasava Day (27-07-15).
  • World Population Day. (11-07-2015)
  • Activities under integrity Club/ YCE.
  • Registration for Science Olympiad.
  • Social Science & Science Exhibition at Vidyalaya level.
  • Sports & Games Activities at vidyalaya level.
  • Activities of Adventure & Trekking / NCC.
  • CMP Activities ( Cont.)
  • Registration of the Scout & Guide unit.
  • Pre Rajya Puruskar Testing Camp.
  • CMP Activities (cont.)
Action Research
  • Unpunctuality
  1. Indiscipline
August 15  
  • Building and campus maintenance & repair
  • Preparation of inventory schedule for the classes and labs for the maintenance and repair.
  • Parent/teacher Meeting
  • School improvement plan continue.
  • Supervision of class Rooms Teaching by Principal/VP/HM  using TLM.
  • Supervision of C.W. /H.W. notebooks of classes I to XII
  • Conduction of First VMC meeting
  • Liasioning  with CPWD/MES for construction work
  • Formative assessment cont.
  • PTM to discuss the performance of the students
  • Continuous evaluation through internal assessment & investigatory projects
  • Allotment of students to different clubs/societies for awarding different grades in different areas of CCE


  • Purchase & Expenditure as per requirement
  • Purchase of various sports articles


  • Celebration of Rakshabandan. (Rakhi Making Competition)
  • Celebration of Independence Day.
  • Peace day. (06-08-2015)
  • Sadbhawna Diwas. (20-08-2015)
  • National Sports Day. ( 29-08-2015)
  • English News reading Competition (Literacy Club)
  • Best out of waste. (Creative Corner-Work & Art club)
  • Science & Social Science Exhibition at Regional Level.
  • Adventure Club Activities.
  • Excursion &Academic visits for students.
  • Sports meet at Regional level.
  • Rajya Puruskar Testing Camp.
  • Rashtrapati-Scout Guide Testing Camp.
  • CMP Activities (Cont.)
Career And Guidance Club
Workshop on the Personality developmental and  adolescent girls VII and VIII


September- 15
Minor repair work
  • Supervision of class Rooms Teaching by Principal/VP/HM  - integration of technology in class room teaching.
  • Monthly letter
  • School Improvement plan Cont.- Life Skill Education for students and teachers
  • Medical and Health Check up by MH
  • Conduct of faculty and subject committee meeting



  • Completion & revision of syllabus for summative assessment  I
  • Identification of students in different categories and planning of strategies according to needs of students.
  • Evaluation of tests to grade students in scholastic area.
  • Preparing students of class XII for CBSE Exam


Purchase and expenditure as per requirement besides routine financial matters
  • Rhythm Speaks Krishna ( Janmashtami Celebration)
  • Teacher’s Day Celebration ( 05-09-15)
  • World Literacy day. (08-09-2015)
  • Hindi Pakhwara ( 14-09-2015 to 30-09-2015)
  • Hindi Diwas (14-09-2015)
  • Ozone Day ( 16-09-2015)
  • World Tourism Day (16-09-2015)
  • Literacy Club activities.
  • Hindi Sulekh pratiyogita, Extempore, Essay writing, Slogan writing competition.
  • Science Exhibition & Social Exhibition- National level.
  • Sports Meet- National level.
  • Olympiad test.
  • Pravesh test for Scouts & Guides.
  • Pratham & Dwitya Sopan Testing Camp.
Preparation of wall magazines and class magazines by all classes
October 15
Beautification of campus
Maintenance & repair work
  • Supervision of class Rooms Teaching by Principal/VP/HM
  • Reply of Monthly letter
  • School Improvement plan Cont.-
  • Conduct of faculty and subject committee meeting
  • Supervision of notebooks for Classes I to XII by Principal/HM/VP
  • Parent teacher meeting


  • Parent teacher meeting for the students
  • Teaching through different innovative techniques
Expenditure as per requirement
  • Gandhi & Shastri Jayanti.
  • Navratri Sthapana Samuhik Garba under CMP Activities.
  • Dussehra Celebration.
  • Air Force Day. (08-10-2015)
  • World Food Day. (16-10-2015)
  • Vishwas Ekta Diwas.(20-10-2015)
  • UNO Day. (24-10-2015)
  • Wild Lie conservation week- Activities by Nature club & Eco Clubs.
  • Quiz Competitions & Skit Competitions – House Wise.
  • Hindi Debate, Solo Song & Group Dance competitions.
  • NCC Activities.
  • Sports Day of Vidyalaya .
  • Rally at the Regional & National level.
  • Development of mathematical garden
Minor repair work
 Beautification of campus
  • Supervision of class Rooms Teaching by Principal/VP/HM 
  •  School Improvement plan Cont.
  •  Reply of Monthly letter
  • Supervision of notebooks for Classes I to XII by Principal/HM/VP
  • Conduct of faculty and subject committee meeting


  • Formative assessment cont.
  • Completion of syllabus for board classes
  • Peer group teaching
  • Team teaching



Collection for communal harmony, NFTW, Bharat Scout and Guide

  • Children’s Day Celebration ( CMP Activities)
  • Indira Gandhi Jayanti.
  • Deepawali Celebration( Card Making competition)
  • Guru Nanak Jayanti, Id-Ul-Zuha.
  • Solo Dance, Poster making competition & Fancy Dress competition.
  • Participation in TERI. (Green Olympiad)
  • Participation in NTSE (VIII)
  • Participation in KVPY (XI)
  • Consumer Club’s activities-Vigilance. Awareness week.
  • Communal Harmony week.
  • Cancer Day. (07-11-2015)
  • National Education Day (11-11-2015)
  • Tritya Sopan Testing Camp.
  • Sports-SGFI.
  • NCC Activities.
  • Project on “Each one teach one”
  • Effective teaching & communication skills by students
Dec 15
Minor repair work
 Maintenance of equipments and building
  • Supervision of class Rooms Teaching using innovative  technologies by Principal/VP/HM
  •  Second VMC Meeting
  • Conduct of Parent/Teacher meeting to discuss the performance of the students
  • Medical and Health Check up by MH
  • Reply of Monthly letter
  • Conduct of faculty and subject committee meeting
  • Formative assessment cont.
  • Pre-board Exam
  • Parent teacher meeting for the students


  • Calculation of Income tax
  • Expenditure as per requirement
  • AIDS Day (01-12-2015)-DNA Club Activities.
  • Foundation Day.(15-12-2015) Information about KVS & Cultural Programme.
  • Grand parents Day.(25-12-2015)
  • Farmer’s Day.(23-12-2015)
  • Christmas Day.(25-12-2015)
  • NCC Activities- Parade.
  • Trekking by Adventure Club.
  • Sanskrit Day.( Ved Path & Shloka recitation , Ekanki , Debate.)
  • Solo Dance Competition.
  • March Past ( Sport Wing)
  • SGFI-Sports.
  • Workshop on spoken English
  • Workshop on Development of teaching Kits
Jan 15
  • Supervision of class Rooms Teaching by Principal/VP/HM
  • Repair and maintenance cont.
  • Supervision of notebooks for Classes I to XII by Principal/HM/VP
  • Conduct of faculty and subject committee meeting
  • Reply of Monthly letter to RO Jaipur
  • Account of Leave
  • Formative assessment cont.
  • Conduction of Practical Exam
  • Remedial classes for board classes


Expenditure as per requirement
  • Lohri/ Pongal/ Sakranti Celebration.
  • Republic Day Celebration.
  • Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti. (23-01-2015)
  • Basant Panchami.
  • Heritage Day. (12-01-2015) Activities by Heritage Club- Bharat Ek Khoj.
  • NCC Parade.
  • March Past by Scouts wing.
  • Thal Sena Divas.(15-01-2015)
  • Road Safety Week.
  • Activities by Eco-Club.
Workshop on spoken English/ bad hand writing & irregular Home work
Feb 2015
  • Supervision of class Rooms Teaching cont.
  • Minor Repair and maintenance
  • Supervision of notebooks for Classes I to XII by Principal/HM/VP
  • Conduct of faculty and subject committee meeting
  • Stock verification and preparation of condemnation list
  • Printing of admission brochure
  • Registration for admissions to class I as per KVS instruction
  • 3rd VMC Meeting
  • Formative Assessment
  • Blessing Session & farewell for board classes
  • Giving tips to do well in exams for board classes
  • Completion of syllabus for all the classes
  • Revision for all classes
  • Expenditure as per requirement
  • Scout Day-Lord Baden Powell’s Birthday (22-02-2015)- Activities by Scout/ Guide wing, Cub bulbuls Foundation.
  • Mahashivratri.
  • Farewell to Class XII Students.
  • Value- Education Week.
  • Academic Quiz.
  • National Science day.
  • Fun with Science Activities by Science Clubs.
  • Academic Quiz.
  • YOGA- Sports Wing.
Proper revision work through different methods
March 15
  • Supervision of class Rooms Teaching cont.
  • Repair and maintenance cont.
  • Preparation of Panel of contractual teachers.
  • Declaration of Result
  • Conduct of Session Ending Examination
  • Preparation of Results, Report Cards,
  • Declaration of Result
  • Registration for admissions to class I as per KVS instruction
  • Planning for new session
  • Time table for next session
  • Providing attendance register, receipt books / challan etc. to teachers.
  • Finalize the list of committees, teachers & co class teachers etc
  • Printing of student diaries & teachers’ diaries.
  • Conduction of summative Test II
  • Declaration of result
  • Planning for new session
  • Closing of Accounts VVN/SF
  • Academic Quiz.
  • World’s woman Day.(08-03-2015)
  • Khelo holy naturally.
  • Rajasthan Sthapana Divas ( 30-03-2015)